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10 August 2009 @ 08:09 am

It was better than it sounds. xD

The bands were Three Dog Night, Badfinger, Mountain, The Turtles 'featuring Flo and Eddie'... And these two guys I've never heard of apparently called 'Brewer and Shipley'. O_o

Those two guys from the Turtles were the hosts. They basically just got up and said a few jokes and introduced the other bands in a weird/funny way. This is them: http://www.paradiseartists.com/artists/turtles/splash.jpg
Yeah. xD

I think the funniest/greatest part of the show was when, after the intermission, all of a sudden a bunch of dramatic music started to play. At first I thought it was just the background stuff they always play, but then it started to get really loud and REALLY dramatic. We were all like "What's going on? Who's coming on?" We were confused. =P
So the music gets all loud and stuff and there's some of those dramatic, kind of opera-sounding "AAAAAAAHHHH!" things in the background. My reaction was basically "WTF?"
So then there's like this kind of trumpet-y thing and we hear some kind of announcer guy say that some great band is coming on next. He says that they've sold X-million records "Or something like that..." and after all this hype about how great the band is... The light turns on and it's Flo and Eddie. xD
They introduce themselves as "Your newest American Idols! ((in a creepy voice)) That's riiiiight! That's riiiiight! ((normal again)) I'm Clay Aiken's father! And this is the lovely Jordan Sparks!"

Did I mention they were crazy old hippies?
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01 August 2009 @ 01:09 pm
 Okay so, last night I had another weird dream- once again with invading aliens, and once again with connections to Doctor Who.

So, it's about twenty years in the future. Technology has advanced and all that, but not by much, and everything still looks a lot the same. It's just a little more futuristic.
About ten years ago some tiny mushroom-like aliens fell from the sky. At first people were kind of freaked out, but then they realized that they were harmless and left them alone- some people even kept them as pets, kind of like pet rocks.

So, skip ahead again, and now those little mushroom thingies are everywhere. I'm at a mall and I see... Well, my mom. Only she wasn't my mom in my dream. Instead she was... Dun dun DUNNNN... IMMORTAL!

No, seriously. She was like a Time Lord without a TARDIS or something.

Anyway, she was looking around at the mushroom thingies and stuff and I wouldn't stop bothering her and asking her questions and stuff, so eventually she gives in and tells me about how she's really old and all that. Then she says that the litlte mushroom thingies are aliens from planet-I-can't-remember-the-name-of and that they're going to evolve like Pokémon into monsters. They're kind of like gremlims. So, she tells me that the aliens drop those mushrooms on the ground, which are like the babies or something, and then go back to their planet and hibernate for about ten years. Most of them die while they're hibernating, so then they go back to whatever planet they dumped the babies at 'wake them all up', or something like that. Then they go around eating whatever species happens to live on that planet. After that they all go and 'lay more eggs' on another planet, then go back home and hibernate. It's a cycle, and it pretty much never stops.

So, me and my now-immortal mom decide to go and try to stop them, because they landed on Earth once before and lots of people died. BUT, my mom managed to chase them away at the end, so they're scared of her. That's right, now my mom is not only immortal, but bad-ass in the eyes of aliens. xD

ANYWAY! We're at the mall looking for the aliens when I look over and see that one of them is standing on one of those table thingies that they put the clothes on. It looks a lot like a wolf, only it's body in more like a hyena's. It's like a dark reddish-brown color and it has these spine thingies on it's back, kind of like what Stitch has, only in another shade of that dark reddish-brown color. It has a plop of fur that looks kinda like hair on his head and some pretty big fangs, and really sharp claws. It was actually pretty awesome, but I was too busy being scared that it was gonna eat me to think about that.

So the wolf-alien growls out some kind of a warning to me before jumping down and running away. Turns out it saw me with my mom and got scared.

Then the two of us are sitting on a bench in the mall talking about the aliens when this group of abour three or four guys comes up to us. The oldest guy, a blonde, starts pretty much asking me to go out with him. I'm like "Uh, no." but the guy won't leave me alone. I start to get suspicious and glanced over at my mom, and she gives me this kind of nod that I know means that the guys are really the aliens in disguise. Like the Slitheen!

So then some other stuff happens that I can't really remember. Something about how the aliens were weak to banana seeds, so we had to go to the supermarket to get all the banana seeds to ward off the aliens. I don't even know how bananas could possibly have seeds.
Next thing I remember I'm standing by the bananas in the food store with a wolf-alien growling at me, and right when it's about to pounce at me I wake up.
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31 July 2009 @ 12:45 pm
 Okay so, last night I had a really weird dream. After I woke up I was like "How did I think up of that? TELETUBBIES!? ... I need to put this on LiveJournal!" So yeah- that's what I'm doing now. xD

Okay so, it starts out that it's in the future, still on planet Earth, just... In the future.
Anyway, it's a bit like that Doctor Who episode at the end of the first season with the Dalek Emperor.

So, I never actually see the Emperor of Earth, but he's there. It's supposed to be that Earthlings are kind of like slaves to him- he feeds off of static electricity, so he gets a bunch of humans to stand there around him and like, rub balloons on their hair and stuff like that. XD
Anyway, it's the end of the world. Well, Earth at least. It's kinda like the Apocalypse or something, I dunno... But basically, the Earth is almost nearly destroyed by us polluting everything. Then, a bunch of alien Teletubbies invade.

I'm serious.

They look kinda like the JubJubs on Neopets, or Furbies or even Gremlins while they're still cute. But they also have those thingies on their heads like the Teletubbies have.
So, their ship lands, and about a hundred tiny ones pour out of the ship. After a few minutes they start to grow larger, and then they start splitting in half to multiply, and every time they split in half they don't shrink, they just make another one identical to themselves in shape and size, even color.
Eventually, the Earth is completely filled with giant Teletubby aliens, that are a little less than half the size of the planet each.
So, naturally, everyone moves onto a spaceship. (Satellite 5?)

So, the humans ask Emperor what to do, and he tells them that he's going to blow up Earth and they can settle on a new planet.

Next thing I know, me and two other people, I'm not sure who they are... My mom and some other guy, I don't know who it is. Anyway, we're on some other planet. It's completely dark, and we can't tell the difference between the ground and the sky. The only light is a single lightbulb, sitting on top of a short pole in the middle of the ground. It gives off a decent amount of light, but in a very small area so it looks like in video games where they give you lanterns in caves and stuff like that.

So then I'm like "Oh wow! This is just like in Genesis! You know, the whole 'let there be light!' thing!" And the others agree. So then I say that I have an idea. I start to run away to some other part and I say something like "Let the land and the sea separate!" or something dramatic like that, and all of a sudden I'm standing in some shallow water. Then some rocky land comes up behind me and the water starts to move so that now I'm standing on a sandy beach-like area, with the water on one side and the land in the other.

So then I run over to another spot and I'm like "Let the plants and the trees come up from the ground- let the flowers sprout and the vines grow!" So then a bunch of nature stuff starts to grow, like grass and stuff. Then I run over to another spot where there's some grass and I say the same kind of thing, but for the animals. Then there's like, some lions and a tiger a bear. (No, really.) I think there was a polar bear and a boar there, too. *sigh* Too much LOST...

Anyway! Then I go over to the group and I'm like "This is incredible! We need to get the others to come live here- we can start colonies and stuff!"

And then I woke up.
So yeah.
Invader Teletubbies FTW?
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Well, kind of. It was like... A museum or something that you go in and there were all bunch of rooms that you go inside of and stuff. They were all octagonal on the inside and were about the same size as the main room of the TARDIS. There wasn't any control panel thing in the middle, though. Instead it was like a column right in the middle of the room with some couch-bench-thingies all around it... Kind of like what you sit on in the booths in restaurants. So anyway, apparently that thing would let you "travel in time and space". I'm not sure if it was actually real or not. Anyway, a bunch of people went in there and then it teleported them to... Someplace. Then this one character from Heroes was there, Matt Parkman. If you don't know who he is, he also played the pilot on LOST. So yeah, just imagine him. Anyway, he's there and for one reason or another he has a mermaid tail. Then he uses the "TARDIS" to go to some underwater place. There's this whole pile of bodies of sailors whose ship sank over there. There are two other mermaids there and he asks them "if it's alright". They just nod, and then all three of them start eating the bodies. Yeah. So then there's whoever owns the company inside one of the rooms telling a crew of guys how to fix it and make it look better or whatever, and all of a sudden the mermaid guy appears in there. Now he's not a mermaid, though... Now he's dressed as a BABY. As in, a white t-shirt with a diaper and booties, and a white bonnet. With a pacifier. So then the head guy is like "WTF!? O_o" and Matt is like "Nooooooo!" And then I woke up.

So yeah...
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25 July 2009 @ 09:14 pm
A meme: Comment and I'll give you five words that remind me of you. Then, you post these five words on your journal and explain them.

Frodofork gave me these words:

Heroes: I've been bugging her to watch it forever. xD It's my second-favorite show.

LOST: The same as above, for a while. Then she watched it and finally caught up and now we chat about it all the time! It's my favorite TV show ever!

Fangirling: This is all we ever do. xD *pokes username*

Pokemon: My third-favorite show. =P

Charlie/Dominic Monaghan: My obsession. XD I have actually had dreams about meeting him in real life and freaking out. One time I literally SQUEED and told him I was a fangirl. He hid in the closet. xDDD
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21 July 2009 @ 09:36 am
Do you think animals have a sense of humor?
But yeah, imagine this: 7:00 in the morning on a Saturday. It's cold and, for some reason, I took the blanket off in the middle of the night. So now I'm freezing. It's just barely light enough to get up, so I could fall back asleep if I tried. I probably would have, too- if Lucy hadn't started chirping.

Seriously. It's so loud sometimes that it gives me a headache. And she doesn't stop. Then, she has different kinds of chirps: There's the regular *TWEET!*, and then there's the whistle. You know in the old cartoons, when the wolf sees some woman and he whistles? Yeah. Imagine that- over. And over. And over again. At seven in the morning when you're trying to sleep.


Until I finally give up and take the cover off her cage.

So yes, animals do have a sense of humor- I'm sure Lucy's mentally laughing at me every time that happens, thinking "Stupid human! You really thought I was going to let you sleep? Haha!"

Edit: Ack. The writer's block box messed it up a little. For clarification, Lucy is a grey cockatiel.)
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18 July 2009 @ 02:14 pm
I spent most of my day yesterday watching Doctor Who. So yeah- now I'm addicted. XD

I left off at the end of the first "Are you my mummy?" episode. That kid freaks me out. Well actually, a lot of things in that show does... Like 'Lady Cassanda'... Who I just realized mentioned something about when she was "a little boy growing up on Earth." Did you catch that? Little boy.

That only makes her even creepier. Especially when she's just a bunch of skin and a brain, so you can't even tell if she's a guy or a girl except for the voice... Which I still don't understand how she's talking without, like, a throat or anything.

I'm missing my shows right now. Apparently Emilie DeRavin, the girl who plays Claire Littleton, is scheduled as a regular for next year's season of LOST. (I still think her last name should be Pace...)

So yeah, um... I don't think anything else has really been happening. Except for when I watched Million Dollar Hotel. That made me happy, since the last time I saw Jeremy Davies doing something new (as in, not watching the same scene over and over on YouTube) was when he was killed by a certain Eloise Hawking... Yeah. I'm still upset at her for that for that.
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16 July 2009 @ 11:33 am
Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair—who is your favorite TV couple?
Well, this should be obvious. PB&J, Pregnant Babe and Junkie, The Moth and the Butterfly, C&C, or even just Charlie/Claire, it's my faovrite 'TV couple'! Coming in a very close second is Charladay, of course- especially since it's one of the few canon shippings that have lasted in the whole show, besides Penny and Desmond, apparently.

"I remember peanut butter... Why do I remember peanut butter?"
"It was imaginary peanut butter, actually."

"Maybe I should go first... You know, to make sure it's safe."

I would post the whole imaginary peanut butter scene, but I think everyone who reads this already knows it as well as I do. xD

Btw, two videos about these shippings:


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15 July 2009 @ 06:58 pm
 That's right. I've got something else to talk about constantly.

Doctor Who.

Frodofork got me into it and now I'm in love. xD I've watched the first two episodes and I'm loving it so far.

The Doctor is hilarious!

... And now I want my own TARDIS. xD

Seriously though, if the Doctor came up to me and asked me to go on a trip with him I would immediately accept! I mean, he's just so... Crazy, in a kind of adorkable way. x3

"The inside's bigger than the outside?"
"It's alien?"
"Are you an alien?"
"Yes. ... Is that alright?"

So yeah.  Be prepared for lots more of this sort of thing. ;)
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14 July 2009 @ 05:46 pm
 Okay so, today I was role playing with my friend on FaceBook, but the role play was getting kind of slow, and we were having trouble figuring out if we should continue or just start a new one. So my mom passes by, and the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: *seeing the look on my face* What's wrong?
Me: I'm confused.
Mom: About what?
Me: Well, we're role playing but it's getting boring and we might start a new one... But now we don't know what to do and we're both confused.
Mom: Don't you girls have something to do? Doesn't she like, have a life?
Me: Um...
Mom: You need to get a life. *walks away*

So yeah. I was rofling after she said that. XD

Apparently I don't have a life, so... Yay for wasting all day online?

And actually, according to a piece of flair I have, I DO have a life! "What do you mean 'get a life'? I'm a gamer- I have LOTS of lives!"
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